Chloe Difference
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Chloe Vegan Foods Wendy2Chloe Vegan Foods very own Chef Robert has created products that have the look, feel and taste of dairy-based products but are vegetable-based. His creativity and passion for providing children and adults with natural options to dairy-based products was a four-year commitment of collaboration and iteration. He wanted to create products people with allergies can love and enjoy. A delicious plant-based solution that we believe is better for you, better for animal welfare and better for the future of our planet.


Chloe Vegan Foods products promote a healthier diet through plant-based foods that taste great and provide your body with healthy benefits. According to the Harvard Health website, eating a plant-based diet can help in the prevention of heart disease.


Chloe Vegan Foods great-tasting vegan and dairy-free pizzas provide guilt-free eating that’s a joy. Our goal was to create a series of products that children could eat without sacrificing great taste while helping you feel great without the aftereffects of a gluten diet.


Chloe Vegan Foods plant-based cheese alternatives provide delicious texture and taste while saving you from the aftereffects of meats and gluten. Whether you suffer from allergies to gluten and genetically modified products or are dairy-intolerant, we’re here to provide you with a great-tasting alternative.


We are extremely proud that all of our Chloe Vegan Foods products are free of soy, dairy, gluten, legumes, eggs, and peanuts.


~Chloe Vegan Foods CO-Founder Wendy Hinnenkamp