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Ingredients and Nutrition

Yes, our products contain no GMOs.
Yes. All of our products – and product ingredients – are plant-based.
No. All Chloe Vegan Foods products come from nature – free of any manmade anything.

Freshness and Longevity

Keep products frozen until ready to bake. Once opened a Chloe pizza will keep in the refrigerator for 7 - 10 days. (We think you'll enjoy it before then!)
Yes. Store in your freezer for up to 18 months!
Yes. Please recycle the packaging – which is made from post-consumer materials – according to your local regulations.

Common Terms

Veganism is a lifestyle that includes not eating or using animal products: no meat, milk, eggs, wool, honey and so forth. It also extends to shoes, clothes, candles, gelatin, lanolin and more.
Its commonly understood to exclude meat and fish, but to allow both eggs and dairy. There are many subcategories of vegetarians like lacto-vegetarians who do not eat eggs but do eat other dairy products or a pollotarian or "semi-vegetarian" who do not eat meat but occasionally eat poultry.
A plant-based diet is very similar to a vegan diet, which excludes meat, dairy and eggs but it also excludes refined sugars, white flour and any processed foods.
Vegans can eat certain types of cookies (refined sugars), which are excluded from a plant-based diet. So it can be said that if you eat a plant-based diet that you are eating vegan, however, the reverse is not true.

General Information

The Chloe Vegan Foods logo was handwritten by Chloe herself.
Chloe Vegan Foods is currently sold exclusively at Sprouts! Go to https://www.sprouts.com for a store nearest you.
Yup! Keep checking this website for news on more delicious, delectably vegan products to come!